Story sourcing program

Stories are a key part of the marketing strategy for Fresh Hope Care.

The kinds of stories we are looking for:

  1. Great yarns – those who are known for using humorous anecdotes to show a different way of looking at the world or thinking about things
  2. Stoicism – those who have known loss but have come through the other side of it and can testify to the support they received, and the lessons learned through the experience
  3. Personal growth – we want to dispel the myth that this ends at some point by unlocking the various ways it still manifests, whether by relationship breakdowns or reconnections
  4. Health challenges managed – we know this is a consequence of getting older, but through better care and technology, there are wonderful opportunities to talk about how things are much better than a decade ago
  5. Accidents overcome – when as a young person they may have had a life changing moment or an epiphany that has informed their journey ever since
  6. Answers to prayer – we want to show that miracles do happen and how active God is in people’s lives. Whatever we can be thankful for, from getting sober and staying sober to the birth of a grandchild when the parents were told it wouldn’t happen
  7. Achieving the seemingly impossible – from first generation Australians who arrived speaking no English, to the creation of thriving businesses, we want to hear stories against the odds

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