Rocco Andreacchio, Manager, Hospitality and Facilities is passionate about providing diverse and nutritious dining experiences to our residents at Fresh Hope Care. The positive and innovative changes he has implemented have transformed the experience for residents. 

Proud of Rocco’s achievements, his manager, Suzanne Moujalli, Head of Governance and Clinical Risk nominated him for an award in the LASA Excellence in Aged Services Awards. The nomination was successful, and Rocco was announced as one of only three State Finalists for the Individual Award! The LASA awards are highly regarded in the industry and it’s extremely impressive to become a state finalist. 

The awards promote and recognise excellence across the age services industry. They celebrate the passion, contribution and achievements of organisations, teams and individuals in the service of older Australians. 

Rocco explains, “We don’t look at food as just being items on a plate. It is an experience, it is for residents to mingle, to get to know each other, and to reminisce. Food is very emotive, and it’s something to enjoy and look forward to. We now have five choices for lunch and four choices for dinner, including two main proteins, a vegetarian choice, gourmet sandwiches and gourmet salads. We’ve come a long way in a short period of time.” 

“I really enjoy working at Fresh Hope Care and I love the commitment and support the organisation shows. I’m fortunate to have Suzanne and Lynn who are very supportive and are continuously looking at what’s next and how we can improve things further.” 

The LASA awards ceremony was held virtually on Saturday August 7. While Rocco didn’t win the individual award, it is an enormous achievement to become a State Finalist.  

“The nomination and becoming a State Finalist… it’s validation from my peers and from outside the organisation. However, it’s not just about me – it’s the whole group at Fresh Hope Care, every person working in every kitchen. I am very lucky to have the support of the site mangers, catering managers and catering employees across the board. It’s a validation of their great work as well.” 

Outside of work Rocco loves to spend time with his wife, travelling, socialising, and watching the AFL and NRL. “Obviously we can’t travel or socialise much at the moment, but we’ve been very lucky this year. We managed to get a trip in to Melbourne at Easter and just before the lockdown happened, we were able to spend some time in Perth.”  

Congratulations Rocco on your well-deserved achievement!  

You can watch Rocco’s video which was filmed as part of the awards here (starting at 11:16).