Henley Brae is our boutique retirement village tucked away in the Southern Highlands. Large trees provide shady spots to sit and pretty pathways to meander whilst admiring the manicured hedges and vibrant roses. A couple of mornings each month, a group of residents can be found chatting and laughing as they garden together.

Beverley, a member of the gardening group says, “We used to meet once a month but increased this to twice a month as other activities and outings became more restricted due to the pandemic.”

“We help the village’s full-time gardener with the smaller jobs such as, weeding, removing leaves and assisting any residents who are unable to attend to their own gardens.”

When the group finishes, the rest of the village joins them and provides morning tea.

“It’s wonderful to have the opportunity to keep gardening for now, but to also know that it will always be taken care of by our full-time gardening and maintenance employees if we decide to or have to stop. It’s the perfect balance.”

“The roses have been absolutely stunning this year. Our gardener does a fantastic job. She prunes the roses so that they are in full bloom in spring and then she does it again so they have a second flush in summer.”

“My dianthuses are currently in bloom in my personal garden and I recently picked them and put them in a vase with our white iceberg roses for our Melbourne Cup party. They looked beautiful together!”

Beverly’s tip for picking roses is to place the stems in boiling water for 60 seconds before transferring them to cold water. Doing so will seal the stems and extend their life in a vase.