Monday 20th December 2021 

The planning proposal for Fresh Hope’s Pendle Hill site is in its final stages and the draft voluntary planning agreement for the Pendle Hill site is presently on public exhibition for feedback on Cumberland City Council’s website via the following link: 

At its meeting on 4 August 2021, Cumberland City Council resolved to prepare and exhibit a voluntary planning agreement to deliver a range of public benefits both on and off-site including: 

  • a monetary contribution of $450,000 to fund public domain upgrades in the Pendle Hill Town Centre  
  • the refurbishment, ongoing maintenance, and public access and use of heritage-listed Dunmore House 
  • the dedication of four new units to Council to be used as affordable housing 
  • the provision of publicly accessible open space on the site 
  • ongoing maintenance of landscaping, public footpath linkages and public furniture in the publicly accessible open space. 

The draft voluntary planning agreement has been prepared in consultation with Fresh Hope and Cumberland City Council who will work together to deliver the public benefits in future stages of the redevelopment.  

Media enquiries:
Lynn Bailey, Director Seniors Communities of Fresh Hope Care 02 8573 6003