Fresh Hope Care supports an independent retirement lifestyle for people looking to downsize, by providing retirement living properties located in friendly close-knit communities.

Keeping your independence alive.

We offer a wide range of retirement communities across NSW. From the array of options within Greater Sydney, to the peaceful ambience that our country and coastal communities provide, we have a home for you.

There is just as much choice when it comes to the size and features of your new home. We have brand new spacious apartments within walking distance to the beach, boutique villas surrounded by landscaped gardens and picturesque outlooks, and smaller refurbished villas within established friendly communities.

All our properties and grounds are kept in excellent condition by our Property Services staff, allowing you to continue to enjoy the comforts of home living without the concerns of ongoing maintenance.

You have the option to join the wide variety of social activities and outings available or simply enjoy the many on-site amenities our communities have on offer.

Contact us today to find out what options will be the best fit for you and your lifestyle.

Current Vacancies

✓ Castle Cove

Properties for rent (Green Hills, Pendle Hill and Tasman Court):

  • Limited number of properties available on a 12 month rental agreement
  • Safety Link 24hr emergency assistance
  • Organised social activities
  • Telephone and electricity at your own expense
  • Gardening and maintenance included
  • Water usage included

Properties for sale* (Castle Cove, Dalpura, Forestville, Henley Brae and Highfield Court):

  • Safety Link 24hr emergency assistance
  • Organised social activities
  • Financial peace of mind with fortnightly capped fees
  • Renovations and alterations are allowed with management approval

*You will have to pay a departure fee when you leave these communities.