The Glen’s 10-year anniversary

This year marks 10 years since Fresh Hope Care’s The Glen Residential Care Service first opened its doors. Residents, families and staff celebrated the occasion on Tuesday 23rd July with a BBQ lunch, tree planting, an afternoon party and lots of cake.  

Staff dressed up in the era they were born, and residents and families joined in on the fun by wearing an array vibrant hats, wigs and feather bowers. 

Lemon, lime and orange trees were planted by three long serving staff members to further celebrate the milestone.  

Manager of Residential Services, Amanda Ackerley remarked on how proud she is of the staff and everything the service has achieved over the past 10 years.  

She said, “We have so many wonderful residents, supportive families and a great reputation in the local community”. 

The Glen was built by John Wakelin in 2009 to offer a greater diversity of choice in the local area.  

In 2012, it was acquired by Fresh Hope Care, a not-for-profit organisation who has been providing aged care services for over 80 years.  

The Glen is a 92-bed modern aged care service where all the rooms are separate and feature kitchenettes and private ensuites. Many also provide beautiful outlooks to the surrounding native bushland.  

There have been many changes over the years, including a recent fresh coat of paint and the addition of a café and garden areas. Residents enjoyed seeing the changes via the ‘now and then’ photo display which was put together as part of the celebrations.  

During the afternoon party, the cake was cut by Lillian Burkinshaw who has been a proud resident of The Glen for eight years. Lillian thanked the staff for organising the event and everyone for participating in the celebrations.  

She said, “It is a privilege to be here and to cut the cake on this significant day. Happy birthday to The Glen!”. 

Fresh Hope Care’s Woodlands Residential Care Service at Cherrybrook

Over the past few years Woodlands has faced challenges with bushfire and storm risks and, at times, an unreliable energy supply. After a comprehensive review of the facility it is clear that an extensive redevelopment of Woodlands is required to lift safety and emergency management systems to the required level, and upgrade amenities to the standards expected in residential aged care accommodation today. 

Unfortunately, recent changes to the requirements of aged care facilities in bushfire-prone areas mean that any redevelopment of Woodlands is unlikely to be approved. As we will not compromise on the safety and health of our residents, we are left with no option but to propose the closure of Woodlands Residential Care Service from 1 October 2019. 

Fresh Hope Care Executive General Manager, Lynn Bailey said, “We are working with all residents and families to identify alternative accommodation arrangements suited to their unique needs and circumstances. These may be within other Fresh Hope Care facilities or with other providers. There are a range of aged accommodation options in the Cherrybrook area and we are confident all residents will be able to be relocated.”

Fresh Hope Care takes a fresh look

Fresh Hope Care has decided to close our services in Home Care including Private Services. Going forward, we will focus and consolidate our aged care operations through our Retirement Villages, Residential Care Services and Day Respite sites.

We are aware that the current Australian market has stimulated many providers of Home Care services. The strong growth in this sector has prompted us to re-examine how and where Fresh Hope Care can most benefit aged care consumers and their families within communities.

We have enlisted the expertise of Bolton Clarke to support our home care consumers. They will provide options, both short or long term to our consumers, while they are considering their future care options. Bolton Clarke will also assist our home care staff with available employment options within their organisation.

Bolton Clarke is a not-for-profit provider, and one of Australia’s most respected organisations – previously known as RDNS (the Royal District Nursing Service), and Lynn Bailey, Executive General Manager of Fresh Hope Care said she is “… very confident Bolton Clarke’s experience and quality of service will meet both our consumers’ expectations and ours.

For further information please contact our Fresh Hope Care Customer Service Team on 
1800 005 484.

Volunteer Pastoral Care


Pastoral Care

Connecting with other people is important for our health and wellbeing; however, many older Australians find loneliness is an issue for them. Fresh Hope Engage employs Chaplains who spend quality time with people who receive home care services, live in residential services and retirement villages, providing genuine spiritual and emotional care. As a Volunteer Pastoral Carer, you will assist our Chaplains with this. You can listen, share stories and memories, and reminisce together – all over a cup of tea.

You will have regular individual and group meetings with the chaplain of the program so you feel supported and encouraged.

Preparing you as a Volunteer Pastoral Carer

Fresh Hope Care, in partnership with Fresh Hope Engage, is offering a Volunteer Pastoral Care training course. The pilot program is based in Pendle Hill, NSW, with a view to expand to other locations in the future. The “Spiritual Care Series” is a nationally recognised training program, featuring Professor John Swinton, who uses exciting and varying training materials and methods.

To participate in our training course is free. The course consists of nine two-hour sessions, one evening a week. Once you have completed your training, under the supervision of your Chaplain, you will be able to offer social, emotional and spiritual support within our Fresh Hope Care Services.

Many volunteers comment on how fulfilling their role is, and how they get as much, if not more, from being a volunteer than those who receive the service.

We hope that you will join us at Fresh Hope Care to become a Volunteer Pastoral Carer.

If you are interested please contact us today to find out more information and get started.

Call 1800 005 484 or email