Are you planning to age at home?

When most of us think about ageing, we think about staying in our own home. According to a 2015 Government Report, 76% of those aged over 60 would prefer to stay in their own home. We want to feel safe and secure, but we also want to continue to live an independent life. We want to continue to host Sunday night family dinners, visit our local church, and have our hair cut at the same hair salon we have been going to for over 20 years. Everyone values different activities, and whatever these are, most of us don’t want them to change. In fact, not only do we want this, but it’s also more convenient and cost-effective for the Government if older Australian’s age at home. 

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Volunteer Pastoral Care


Pastoral Care

Connecting with other people is important for our health and wellbeing; however, many older Australians find loneliness is an issue for them. Fresh Hope Engage employs Chaplains who spend quality time with people who receive home care services, live in residential services and retirement villages, providing genuine spiritual and emotional care. As a Volunteer Pastoral Carer, you will assist our Chaplains with this. You can listen, share stories and memories, and reminisce together – all over a cup of tea.

You will have regular individual and group meetings with the chaplain of the program so you feel supported and encouraged.

Preparing you as a Volunteer Pastoral Carer

Fresh Hope Care, in partnership with Fresh Hope Engage, is offering a Volunteer Pastoral Care training course. The pilot program is based in Pendle Hill, NSW, with a view to expand to other locations in the future. The “Spiritual Care Series” is a nationally recognised training program, featuring Professor John Swinton, who uses exciting and varying training materials and methods.

To participate in our training course is free. The course consists of nine two-hour sessions, one evening a week. Once you have completed your training, under the supervision of your Chaplain, you will be able to offer social, emotional and spiritual support within our Fresh Hope Care Services.

Many volunteers comment on how fulfilling their role is, and how they get as much, if not more, from being a volunteer than those who receive the service.

We hope that you will join us at Fresh Hope Care to become a Volunteer Pastoral Carer.

If you are interested please contact us today to find out more information and get started.

Call 1800 005 484 or email

The Glen Hosts Twilight Fete

Living Care The Glen recently hosted a twilight fete to bring the community together and show off the wonderful crafts made by the residents. There was a little bit of rain, but it didn’t dampen the atmosphere at all. Everyone had a lot of fun and enjoyed dancing to the entertainment acts, catching up with family and friends, and shopping for Christmas gifts.

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