We recently had the pleasure of catching up with the delightful Maureen Muir. Maureen is a long-time volunteer at Clelland Lodge and winner of Fresh Hope Care’s 2019 May Ashwood Award.

Maureen has been volunteering at Clelland for 10 years and is a founding member of the ‘trolley dollies’. She takes a trolley around to the residents and they can purchase items off it. It’s like a convenience store on wheels with all the goods, including the popular chocolate bars and chip packets.

“It’s particularly helpful for those residents who don’t have family support. I always spend more time talking rather than selling. I enjoy being available for the residents if they happen to be feeling a bit lonely or they just want a chat”, says Maureen.

“I’ve noticed some residents do get a bit panicky if I don’t get there on time as they worry they have missed me. It’s obviously important to them, but I also find I get more than I give as it’s also very important to me. I find it very rewarding.”

Like many volunteers, Maureen did have to take some time off last year due to Government enforced COVID-19 restrictions. “It was challenging, and I missed it, but I made sure I caught up with the other volunteers for lunch once a month. This helped us stay connected.”

“Catherine [Clelland’s Volunteer Coordinator] has been my guardian angel. She has been encouraging and supporting me from the very beginning. Even during my time off, she made sure I knew that I hadn’t been forgotten. She would call me and send me cards to keep in touch and show she cared. She did this for all the volunteers.”

“Volunteering is important for my wellbeing and the residents’. We just need to be there… as another human being that cares.”