The Magnolia Cottage clients and staff produced, packed and delivered Worry Worms for Random Acts of Kindness Day. Worry Worms have been described as a Fidget Toy, Pocket Worm, Stress Relief, Anxiety Helper and Mental Health Toy. They are crocheted or knitted little tactile friends that are small enough to keep in your pocket and are meant to encourage emotional wellbeing and mental health.

The Worry Worms had a lovely poem attached and were delivered by Richard McLachlan to Toni Beetson-spires at Clelland Lodge for their residents, the local and Wollongong hospital, the vet and neighbours next to the cottage. Kevin Emery, Tony Messner and other clients hid them in the local park for the community to find.  Everyone enjoyed the project so much that we will be continuing throughout the year to drop them off at other organisations such as frontline workers.