Residents can leave the facility and attend family gatherings or for other reasons such as group excursions organised by the facility, but must abide by the Public Health (COVID-19 General Order) 2021 as outlined in existing NSW Health advice:

  • Facilities are to ensure that residents are provided with appropriate personal protective equipment, infection control and mask-wearing advice when they leave the facility.
  • Residents are to be guided about COVID safe behaviours, including physical distancing and hand hygiene.
  • The event complies with the current Public Health (COVID-19 19 General Order) 2021.
  • Families of residents must also consider advice here when taking their loved ones out of the facility to attend family gatherings. Families may wish to voluntarily have a test (e.g. rapid antigen test) prior to the event

There is no requirement for COVID-19 testing or self-isolation for residents on return to the facility from an outing unless they develop signs or symptoms of COVID-19.  However, testing (e.g. rapid antigen testing) may be considered for any resident returning from a large family gathering 5-7 days after the event.