Laura Boyd is a 25 year old young lady who has been living in Living Care’s Clelland Lodge aged care facility in Nowra for the past seven years.

At the age of 18 Laura had a stroke unexpectedly and for unknown reasons. The stroke left her with a body that doesn’t work; she is unable to walk, talk, hold things or eat without assistance. However, the stroke didn’t affect Laura’s cognitive ability at all. Although very loved by family and staff, the stroke has trapped her in an isolated existence since 2008. Laura understands everything, but can only communicate her feelings through facial expressions.

Recently she was tested for a communication device that would effectively give Laura her voice back. Using eye gaze technology, the device would allow her to speak again with her friends, Clelland family, parents, and her two brothers.

However, Laura and her family have to pay for her individual equipment needs. Being a young person in a nursing home isn’t well catered for by local or state government and previous attempts to obtain funding have failed. The cost of this equipment is expensive and the family need assistance to provide this for Laura.

You can help bring joy into Laura’s life by donating to Give Laura a Voice.