Fresh Hope Care’s annual Excellence Awards were celebrated via Zoom on Friday December 4, 2020. The awards are usually held at a venue with employees travelling from across the state to be together, but with COVID-19 restrictions in place the event was celebrated virtually.  

The criteria and award names were altered to reflect the adversity and challenges everyone in our community has been subject to over the past year. The awards encompass the value creativity, innovation, resilience and teamwork play in providing residents’ and clients with an exceptional level of service delivery on a day to day basis. 

Congratulations to the Green Hills Outbreak Management Team, the Coffs Haven Leisure and Lifestyle team, the Magnolia Cottage team, The Glen Residential Care team, the Retirement Living team and the Chaplaincy team for each winning an award. Each team received a $3500 prize to share amongst themselves. 

Before the official event kicked off, Stephanie, Manager of Residential Services at Green Hills ran the Fresh Start staff warm up program. Guests enthusiastically joined in. A few residents from The Glen even took part, performing the exercises from their chairs.  

Lynn Bailey, Executive General Manager and MC opened the event and thanked all staff for their outstanding support and service throughout the year.  

“The courage, compassion and humour you have maintained throughout the year has been incredible, and I’m very grateful for that. I wanted to have three C’s so I had to look for synonyms for humour. There are a number and I think we would all agree at times we have been each of these. We’ve been comical, we’ve been curious, we’ve been clever, we’ve been crazy, we’ve been clownish and we’ve been cheerful. So, thank you all because you’ve done that in spades this year. 

Chris Powell, Chair of the Fresh Hope Care Board spoke about the events over the past year and everything Fresh Hope Care has achieved despite these. He congratulated the deserving winners and thanked all staff. 

“It’s not just our finalists that we celebrate this year, everyone has done an amazing job. Thank you for your outstanding dedication, commitment, professionalism and persistency in your desire to serve other people.” 

A representative of each team recognised on the day took a moment to share their gratitude. 

The Coffs Haven Leisure and Lifestyle team won the Creativity Award. Natalie, Manager said, This team is fantastic. Despite the challenges, they have excelled. The residents are happy, they are very well supported, and they are excited to be back on the bus. This team works so well together. They do it for the health and wellbeing for our residents. 

The Green Hills Outbreak Management Team won the Innovation Award. Stephanie, Manager said, “Since COVID-19 started, the innovation and the persistence that they have shown has been amazing. They are forever coming up with new ideas and better ways that we can keep our staff and residents safe.” 

All staff at The Glen won the Resilience Award. Nikki, Manager said, “To say the staff are resilient is an understatement. We’ve gone through COVID-19, floods and fires. It’s been a dreadful year down here for our local community and local businesses. There are people who work here that have lost everything. They have been fantastic, and they keep showing up. Thank you.” 

All staff at Magnolia Cottage won the Teamwork Award. Sandra, Coordinator said, “On behalf of the team at Magnolia Cottage, I would like to thank Fresh Hope Care and the Board for giving us the opportunity to be able to be able to do what we do and to make the difference in the clients lives that we see every day.” 

When designing the criteria for this year’s awards, it was decided that the Retirement Living Award would go to an individual who had demonstrated outstanding performance in their role. However, the selection committee were inundated with so many incredible nominations. It was decided that the entire Retirement Living team deserved to receive the award. 

Gerrie, Manager at Pendle Hill and Tasman Court said, “We have a wonderful team and we all work well together. We have a great leader in Belinda and it’s been a pretty tough year for all of us, but we are very blessed to have the support we have, work for the company we work for, work with the team that we work with and of course for our beautiful residents. Thank you. 

The Chaplaincy Team also received an award. It was decided early on that the entire team deserved to be recognised as they have all gone the extra mile in providing exceptional support to our community this year.  

Lynn Bailey, Executive General Manager said, “We have relied on our chaplaincy team more this year than we ever have. They have gone above and beyond to be there when we needed them, when our residents needed them, when residents’ families needed them. They do a marvelous job and we are so appreciative.”   To view the full video click here.

Following the event, high tea was enjoyed and celebrated across all sites. 

Thank you to everyone who attended the event and a special thank you to our major sponsor, Guardian for their support.