Whether you’re a prospective residential aged care resident or a close family member, you will no doubt have some preconceived ideas about aged care. Common thoughts include fears of loneliness, mistreatment, and the loss of independence. Add in the fact that we are going through a global pandemic and of course the whole process is going to feel daunting and overwhelming.   

Yes, it’s an emotional decision and time – just like any change is, but the reality of aged care is surprisingly comforting. We spoke to a few residents and family members at Fresh Hope Care’s Ashwood Residential Care Service and they say the stereotypical assumptions couldn’t be further from the truth.  

The staff have the residents best interest at heart  

Jim explains how much he appreciates the staff who care for his wife, “They do not look after her like a resident, they look after her like a mother. They go the extra mile when caring for her. Even when they are under pressurethe work they do is fantastic.” 

Eswari agrees, “It’s over two years since my mother-in-law moved into Ashwood. The management, nurses and staff are extremely caring, committed and dedicated in providing quality service. 

The vibe is friendly, comfortable and accepting 

It’s a close-knit community where everyone is respected and acceptedMarie explains, “It is very homely here and it has a loving atmosphere.” 

“I made the right decision by moving into Ashwood”, says Roy. “The art of living is not to live well, its to live easy’ – I have accomplished this.” 

Caroline shares how friendly and helpful everyone is, “It’s a lovely environment for my uncle.” 

Continuous improvement is of the utmost importance  

Eswari says, “Feedback from resident relatives is considered and implemented. During the COVID lockdown, the nurses kept me abreast of my mother-in-law’s progress daily.” 

Jim is equally happy with communication and opportunities to provide feedback, “I feel I made the best decision of my life. I am very lucky and blessed to have my wife looked after so well. I always chat to the staff and I’m welcome to sit down with management at any time. 

To learn more about aged care in Australia, including the process, fee structure and the options available, please download our guide titled, ‘Residential Care: Everything You Need to Know’ here. Alternatively, you can speak to a member of our team at Ashwood on (02) 7809 8700 or visit the Ashwood webpage here.