Dawn de Ramirez attends Magnolia Cottage (Living Care’s day respite centre in Nowra) and she is a lady of many talents.

When Dawn was a teenager she was an aspiring actress with the Attic Theatre Group in Sydney and was named by the Daily Telegraph newspaper as being one of Sydney’s most “promising ingénue”. (R. Angelou, 2015). However, she then left it all behind to do what most children dream of – she ran away and joined the circus!

Dawn joined The Fuller Brothers Circus as a trapeze artist and she spent many years travelling around Europe performing. She then went on to add snake handling to her resume and she was also part of a motorcycle trapeze show at one point.

Dawn recalls, “It was the 60s and the happiest time of my life”. (R. Angelou, 2015).

Dawn later married a Spanish gentleman and they decided to return to Australia for a simpler life. They settled in the Shoalhaven area and had children together.

It wasn’t until later in life that Dawn discovered that she had another talent – poetry. She helped her eldest daughter write a poem for school one day and she has been writing and performing ever since. Dawn calls herself a “bush poet”, as she is inspired by nature and she has now published five books of poetry!

Dawn has been attending Magnolia Cottage for the past two years and she says, “I enjoy the comradely at the cottage. Everyone is so happy and gets along”.

She also notes that Friday is her favourite day of the week and that she laughs more on a Friday than she does for the whole week!