The 2021 ACHSM NSW Health Manager Leadership Awards was held on 6 December and focused on recognising outstanding Health Management leadership in the Aged Care sector. This year, in particular, Health Managers in Aged Care have been required to draw on their leadership skills and attributes, demonstrating daily their resilience, perseverance and a strong commitment to teamwork when leading through uncertainty. 

Fresh Hope Care’s manager of residential services, Stephanie Elliott, received the NSW Health Manager Leadership Award Winner (Aged care).

She was nominated by her peers because: 

Since commencing in her current role in 2020 Stephanie has done an outstanding job in improving the care and wellbeing of residents as well as improving staff engagement.

This year Stephanie ran a kindness initiative on-site to encourage staff with their agreed team charter. In a recent staff engagement survey undertaken across the whole organisation, Stephanie’s site had the highest level of staff engagement, an outstanding result and testament to her leadership.

Stephanie is a hands-on Manager who is currently mentoring two young RNs as Care Managers. With her mentoring and support these staff have developed the passion and skills required to meet the future needs of the aged care workforce. Stephanie knows and understands the needs of her residents and instils this resident focus across her team.

In June 2021 a redevelopment of the Green Hills site was announced which required the closure of an existing building. This resulted in the relocation of 60 residents and significant staffing changes. The initial time frame for implementation was 6 months, however under Stephanie’s leadership all residents were successfully relocated, and staffing changes were implemented within three months, without any care or industrial issues. Stephanie is a fitness enthusiast who leads twice-weekly boot camp for staff as well as a 5-minute burst of exercise to start key Aged Care Meetings, which have now become legendary through the broader organisation.

Stephanie Elliot is pictured above right.

We are so pleased that Steph has been recognised for her tremendous contributions to Fresh Hope Care this year. She is every bit deserving of this award.” – Lynn Bailey