A fresh look for Magnolia Cottage

Magnolia Cottage is Fresh Hope Care’s day respite centre for people with memory loss. It is located in Nowra and the work the team do there makes a huge difference to the lives of those in the local community. The cottage is beautiful and quaint, but it had started to also become a little tired and outdated.

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Aged Care Employee Day

Thanks for caring.

Today is Aged Care Employee Day and it is an opportunity to celebrate our fabulous Aged Care Employees. All who work at Fresh Hope Care make a fantastic contribution to the lives of our residents every day.

With bushfires, floods and now COVID-19, there have been even greater challenges presented in the past year and we are blessed to have such a wonderful team who support each other and continue to provide the best of care to our residents. There has been such a strong focus on aged care facilities during the current pandemic and many changes have been required to help keep our staff and residents safe. These changes have affected all areas of our group and the flexibility and cooperation demonstrated has been extraordinary. 

To our aged care team, from frontline care staff, to hospitality, lifestyle, maintenance, admin, and every one of our employees, Fresh Hope Care wish to sincerely thank you for caring.

PPE Olympics

As part of staff training at Residential Care sites, knowing the efficient and correct ways to don Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is important, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. To assist with this and have a little fun along the way, Fresh Hope Care introduced the ‘PPE Olympics’.

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