The results of the 2014 Aged Care Approvals Round (ACAR) were announced Thursday 4th December 2014 with a total of 17,489 new aged care places allocated across the nation.

The ACAR assessment process is highly competitive with aged care places allocated to those applicants who best demonstrate they can meet the needs of the ageing population within each specified aged care planning region.

Competition for new home care places was extremely high, with the Department receiving applications for 108,281 new home care places compared to 6,653 places available. A total of 6,653 new home care places were allocated following the competitive assessment process conducted by the Department.

Following on from its most successful ACAR round ever in 2013 (where Living Care was awarded a total of 22 residential places and 90 home care places), Living Care has been awarded a total of 34 residential places and 77 home care places.

In summary Living Care was awarded:

  • 34 residential places attached to Ashwood Residential Care Service (applied for 34 places)
  • 22 home care places at Maitland (applied for 22 places)
  • 16 home care places at Shoalhaven (applied for 20 places)
  • 21 home care places at Western Sydney (applied for 25 places)
  • 18 home care places at Coffs Harbour (applied for 20 places)

Total places awarded – 111 (applied for 121).

The 77 home care places allocated builds on previous success over the last 5 years with the number of home care places increasing from 145 places in 2008 to 382 places in 2014.

In reporting the success for Living Care in the 2014 ACAR, special mention must be made of the key reasons behind not only this year’s result but also the positive results in the past three ACARs. There is little doubt that this success can be attributed to Living Care’s growing reputation as a provider with:

  • high calibre of staff working within its home care programs
  • comprehensive understanding of the Consumer Directed Care model
  • sound support systems
  • a strong focus on ongoing staff development
  • a willingness to accept “challenging” clients that other providers elect not to accept
  • a willingness to “go above and beyond” what is expected
  • clear and consistent leadership provided within each of its programs
  • an excellent working relationship with local Aged Care Assessment Teams and effective partnerships with other service providers.

We look forward to building on the success of the 2014 ACAR results in future rounds.