Magnolia Cottage is Fresh Hope Care’s day respite centre for people with memory loss. It is located in Nowra and the work the team do there makes a huge difference to the lives of those in the local community. The cottage is beautiful and quaint, but it had started to also become a little tired and outdated.

When some grant money become available, Fresh Hope Care worked together with Fresh Hope Property to plan an exciting revamp for the cottage.

When the Magnolia Cottage team were first told about the planned work, they were ecstatic and even a little emotional. Most of the team members have been part of the Magnolia Cottage community for years and years.

The work has now been completed and you can see for yourself how much of a difference the changes have made. Externally a new front pergola, raised garden beds, a new front sign, a shade over the men’s shed, power in the work shed and a new water feature have been added. The plumbing, stormwater drainage and access to the backyard for activities have all been improved. A general clean up of the front and back gardens has been completed. Internally there has been a new TV and new office furniture added, upgrades to lighting, paint, carpets, blinds, and the hot water system. A new kitchen is currently being installed too!

​​​​Congratulations to the Magnolia Cottage team! The work you do is so important and appreciated, and we hope you love your ‘fresh look’.