92 year old Noel at Crawford Lodge at Ashwood is very proud of his jigsaw puzzle. He told us,“My wife Maureen enjoyed doing jigsaw puzzles and I always thought they were a waste of time until Maureen passed away 25 years ago.

“Then my daughter Chris bought me a jigsaw puzzle for Christmas in memory of my late wife. I really started to enjoy doing them.

“I started putting the pieces together during my spare time with the help of my neighbour Jean, we had an area in my sunroom at my home in Wentworthville.

“The jigsaw is a picture of the last supper and has 13,000 very small pieces. It took us both 4 to 5 years to complete.”

Apparently when they completed the puzzle there was one piece missing so Noel’s friend cut a small piece of cardboard to match the size needed and painted it – now no one can see where that missing piece is.

When he moved into Crawford Lodge in 2019 Noe and his family had the puzzle framed. “I am proud to have it hung on the wall in the main lounge room of Bradman Wing for all to appreciate.”