On Wednesday 19 October Living Care’s Clelland Lodge held its first ever spring fair. In the months leading up to event, regular meetings were held to delegate duties and keep track of preparations. It was also then that the men from the Celland Lodge Men’s shed swung into action to build props to be used for the outdoor activities.


The leisure and lifestyle staff, a care staff member (who came in on her day off) and family members spent the morning decorating the outdoor area. At lunchtime volunteers, visitors and family members arrived and the fair begun. There were a range of motorcycles and a bash car for the men to look at, activities such as fishing for ducks, ball toss and balloon sculpting by a staff member. The star attraction was a petting zoo, which was brought to Clelland Lodge by the local Shoalhaven Zoo. Residents from across the home enjoyed being out in the sunshine, eating ice creams and drinking milkshakes, holding and patting animals and just being with each other.

A great day was had by all! It was the topic of conversation for days after the event and the decision has been made to make it an annual or biannual event.